Anti-Theft Wire Re-Enforced Ihram Belt & Money Belt (Big Size)


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Brand: Hajj Safe
Size/Vol.: 150mm x 280mm
-The Hajj Safe waist bag has been designed for pilgrims who are looking to travel for Hajj or Umrah and need a waist bag that is safe and secure to carry all their important travel items.
– These bags are wire reinforced they are slash proof, this is important as there has been many cases were people have had their bags cut and stolen. Hajj Safe Waist Bags are the only Anti-Theft Hajj Waist bags in the Hajj and Umrah market.
– They can be worn over the Ihram or used as a belt to hold the Ihram up.
– The bags have many special security features:
– Waist strap and bag is wire reinforced and slash proof.
– Secure, concealed buckle.
– Secure zips.
– Strong Water resistant material.
– Secure Mobile phone pocket.
– Secure pocket to carry your passports and tickets.
– Secure pocket to keep your money.
– You can fit all your travel essentials in this bag when travelling for Hajj or Umrah. These include passports, money, mobile phone, headphones, ear plugs, eye masks, miswak, Attar (perfume), pocket dua books and medicine. These bags can be worn around the waist or across the body. They are lightweight and discreet.
– This product has been pilot tested by a pilgrim throughout the process of Hajj. It was worn from the time of leaving the house in the UK to the time of returning home after Hajj. It was used continuously all day, every day for 3 weeks and lasted the test of the Hajj trip and can still be re-used if one wants. The quality of the product is very high and it has outstanding durability.
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